World Wide Revival

Post on 28/08/2018

We are in August 2018 and it is the right time to draw sound conclusions about the huge “quantitative easing” operated repeatedly by the major central banks of the world.

Since the world economy has become financialized and concentrated in the hands of 0.01% of the world’s population which is nothing else than a club of priests of darkness, there has been a general collapse of economic and political thought in the world.

Such collapse is easily characterized: no more adult is able to grasp the facts and the basic logic that a child from primary school masters easily.

Let us consider the famous “quantitative easing” of the world’s major central banks. Even a kid knows that a business owner invests if he has in front of him a potential solvent demand.Yes, solvent demand and please, pay attention to this very important word: S O L V E N C Y.

Yes it is the solvency of the potential customers and not the liquidity of systemic institutions (systemic banks and systemic insurance companies) which can boost the economy and therefore, quench out economic crises.

When you want to invest in a new bakery in your neighborhood you simply ask yourself if 

there is enough potential bread seekers in the neighborhood and you also ask yourself if such 

potential bread seekers are earning enough revenue to be able to buy your bread. The fact that 

the big systemic banks have accounts filled with central bank money in the central bank’s books 

(thanks to quantitative easing) does not in any way impact your decision to create a new bakery 

in the neighborhood. The fact that the systemic insurance companies have accounts filled with 

M2 money in the books of commercial banks (thanks to quantitative easing) does not intervene 

in any way in your decision to create a new bakery in the neighborhood.

Where does the solvency of citizens and businesses come from? It simply comes from the equitable 

distribution of revenues generated by previous microeconomic and macroeconomic cycles.

And what if a feudal club from darkness confiscates for itself only, all the revenues and riches as 

it is currently the case in the world? The answer is straightforward; there will be no solvency in the 

economy and a structural economic crisis will damage the whole human society until the real 

problem of fair income distribution is attacked and solved properly. The committee of twelve priests 

from darkness sitting around the table to decide the monetary policy of the FED for example prefers 

to deny the real problem; that of solvency, and it rather stifle the world economy with perfectly sterile 

liquidity which is useless in regard to the issue of economic recovery (not to mention economic 

development). This true counterfeit money will end up ruining the global economy while it was 

enough to rather tackle the real problem: the solvency of citizens and businesses that can come only 

from a fair distribution of income. In fact the neoliberal ideologues and the neo-Marxist ideologues 

who jointly form the heart of the worldwide antichrist conspiracy against GOD and who all vainly 

dream of a world-wide Lucifer government on earth, hate markets and market prices.

To understand this, let’s take your shabby schlewig-holstein house that you bought twenty years ago. 

Today it is worthless because no one wants to buy it. Clearly there is no market for your old shabby 

house and its value is zero. You have definitely posted your shabby house on the loss side of your 

profit and loss book. In fact your old shabby house would even be worth a negative number if the 

taxes on it increased, so that you would even be ready to pay me a sum of money for me to accept 

becoming the owner your shabby house located in the schlewig-holstein !

So here we are in a global economy where 0.01% of the population is monopolizing wealth and 

income and as a result, we are left with 99.99% of the world’s population completely impoverished. 

And since magic does not operate in political economy, the impoverishment of the 99.99% is 

automatically found in the public accounts of the world’s States, whose figures of public debts and 

public deficits express the collective bankruptcy of the citizens. And instead of letting the markets 

(or more precisely the absence of markets) give the zero value to public debt securities on which the 

world financial feudal club massively invests the fruits of its thefts and plunders, the priests of 

darkness sitting in the monetary committees of the major central banks prefer to totally distort the 

prices of government securities that are worthless, by massively injecting cash created from scratch 

without economic added value (counterfeiters do not act otherwise) to buy from systemic commercial 

banks and from systemic insurances companies, their portfolios of government securities that are worth 

zero. Because of these “quantitative easing”, real market prices have evaporated from the world 

economy, bringing humanity back to the era of Soviet prices administered by a new type of Supreme 

Soviet namely twelve priests of darkness sitting at the Fed’s monetary committee and few priests of 

darkness sitting at the monetary committees of the ECB and the Bank of Japan. This is how neo-liberals 

avoid the question of solvency and bring us back to the Soviet era, eagerly sought by neo-Marxists, 

whereas humanity sighs after the dispensation of liberty.

Let’s conclude about your old shabby house from schlewig-holstein that worth zero. Suppose that 

suddenly a central bank injects you with liquidity and buys back at an arbitrary price, your old shabby 

house and even declares that it is ready to ensure the liquidity of your old shabby house. Many citizens 

can therefore play the game of buying / reselling your old shabby house since everyone is sure to 

regain its liquidity from the central bank when needed. And what happens the day the central bank 

stops guaranteeing the liquidity of your old shabby house from schelgwig-holstein? That day, your old 

shabby house will naturally find back its true value which is zero. You understand the sudden ruin of 

the last purchaser of your old shabby house, is not it? There was no wealth creation in this casino game 

that postpones the price correction but cannot eliminate the price correction in the long run.

You will certainly protest that in addition to government bonds, the major central banks of the world 

have also bought large amounts of private bonds from “systemic players”. Here again the logic of Soviet 

protection granted to the financial feudalism of darkness is simple to understand. Any significant rise in 

the level of interest rates lowers the value of private bonds in a normal market. It is this risk of loss 

coming from natural market corrections that the monetary committees of the major central banks are 

desperate to put away from systemic commercial banks and systemic insurance companies by 

administratively and politically choking the natural price level corrections on the markets. Now that the 

major central banks have bought from the feudal clubs via “quantitative easing” their stocks of private 

bonds, saving them from the natural price corrections on the markets in case of rising rates, they 

trumpets on the roofs that it is time to push to inflation. Who pays the premium of this free insurance 

policy offered to systemic banks and systemic insurance companies? It is the “rest of the economy” that 

is 99.99% of the world’s population because as you surely remember, magic does not work in political 

economics. If you eat for free it means that someone is paying the bill for thee.

Is there anyhow any use for these quantitative easing? Yes they are in fact useful for one single purpose: 

they prove unquestionably that the global financial system has completely failed. In fact, every liquidator 

knows that the only way to extend the life of a bankrupt company is to provide liquidity. As long as a 

company has the liquidity to meet its short term commitments it can prolong its agony and even deceive 

partners unaware of its real state. That’s why the major central banks have massively created central bank 

money for systemic banks and systemic insurance companies by buying back their worthless securities.

This world global economy devoid of market prices is a new tower of Babel that will inevitably collapse. 

All current civilizations must disappear for having put their trust in this dragon, this old serpent which 

says; “you will be as gods, knowing good and evil”. This false promise has been so well accomplished that 

the present animal mankind is completely ignorant of the nature of money, ignorant of the nature of labor, 

ignorant of the nature of good, and ignorant of the nature of evil.

It’s time to meditate the Book of Daniel in the Bible.

Shalom to all the nations of the earth.

Reverend Apostle JOSEPH TOUBI

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