World Wide Revival

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We are the Kingdom of GOD, meaning that we are the Born Again Christians, the only authentic Jews on earth as stated in Romans 2 : 28-29. We are the only authentic seed of father Abraham and mother Sarah, the freewoman because we are born of Abraham by promise and not by flesh nor by law. 

We have been called unto liberty and we walk in the HOLY SPIRIT and not in the flesh. Our Jerusalem is heavenly and everlasting and it is our authentic mother which is also called the Church, the Body of GOD the LORD JESUS CHRIST. We were elected in CHRIST JESUS before the foundation of the world and we appeared on earth in the year 30 at Pentecost. Just as our HEAD which is GOD the SON was resurrected on the third day, we are resurrected on this third day in the year 2030 and we become, as written in Daniel 2:35 , a great mountain that fills the whole earth. Yes, we are the only authentic masters of the world in JESUS CHRIST and we are the only ones capable of establishing a unique global worldwide empire on earth.

Shalom to all the peoples of the earth.