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Post on 04/02/2018

We are in February 2018 and from information broadcasted by media around the world, you have already understood that this expression “shithole” is from Mr. Donald Trump; it is a trademark belonging to him.

Mr. Trump once declared that he had been offered a Bible by his mother. Obviously he has never read in the Bible offered by his mother because had he done so, he would have declared that African countries are a land of Cabul that is a land without any value or a land of nothingness, instead of saying “shithole countries”. You can find this in thy own Bible in the Book of 1 Kings chapter 9 verse 12 to 13. Yes countries of Cabul actually exist here on earth and in case of necessity you can just erase such countries without even noticing that you have lost something.

Definitely, every WORD that proceeds from the mouth of GOD must be fulfilled precisely.

The WORD of GOD written in the Bible says this:

Isaiah chapter 19 verse 11

Surely the princes of Zoan are fools, the counsel of the wise counselors of pharaoh is become brutish: how say ye unto Pharaoh, I am the son of the wise, the son of ancient kings?

Isaiah chapter 19 verse 13

 The princes of Zoan are become fools, the princes of Noph are deceived; they have also seduced Egypt, even they that are the stay of the tribes thereof.


Yes, the so-called head of states we have here in Africa are authentic fools and below is the most recent proof of this.

Donald Trump declares that African countries are « shithole countries » meaning that our African countries are nothingness and their disappearance from the face of the earth won’t even be noticed. A Head of State which is a Man of GOD and not an illuminatis would have rather declared that African countries are a land of Cabul.

And behold, our so-called African head of states, who are in fact mere vulgar tribal chiefs, each using his own native tribe as an instrument to destroy his entire country, agitate and charge their diplomats to invite Mr. Trump to come and give explanations to the African Union at Addis Ababa on the expression “shithole”.

These are real crazy and insane kids. How would adults react to « shithole countries » coming out of Trump’s mouth?

It is quite simple.

I look for a serious subject that Donald Trump masters and which is of an utmost importance to my continent. This subject is all found; solar energy. Donald Trump has been working on this subject thoroughly in record time and if you doubt it, ask the Central Committee of the Chinese communist party. Since Donald Trump who hates renewable energies has almost become a specialist in solar energy I conclude that here is finally a western head of state which interests me. I therefore invite him to the African Union in order to conclude with me a strategic plan for solar energy production all over my continent. To prepare this meeting, I forward to Donald Trump in advance a detailed partnership file explaining how Africa and United States could partner to implement the production of solar energy all over Africa. But how to build such a partnership strategic plan which I will submit to Donald Trump before his arrival at the African Union? It is here that one billion Africans must cautiously listen in order to clearly understand the real nature of the so-called new world order which antichrist illuminatis are vainly trying to implement.  Such a plan already exists and it has already been carefully designed and implemented by a certain Barack Obama, in favor of India! Yes you have well understood and please do not faint!


Yes Barack Obama designed and implemented an intelligent partnership with India, which in less than eight years, skyrocketed India at the rank of global leader in renewable energies and mainly in solar energy.

Yes the African American did it for India (and we are happy about that), but not for his native Africa! This is a sound way of saying with actions that the whole African continent is a « shithole » without uttering a single word!  Let’s detail a little more.


Upon arrival at the White House, Barack Obama launched the famous Partnership to Advance Clean Energy with India; which partnership is named in short “PACE”.

A joint Research & Development Initiative bringing together scientists and industry from both countries to work together on solar energy, on building energy efficiency and on biofuels, reunited the two countries as partners in innovation and this propelled India to the global leadership it has today in solar energy and in other renewable energies.

Within the framework of this Partnership to Advance Clean Energy (PACE), United States under Barack Obama brought to India a Technical Assistance Program which dramatically accelerated the deployment of clean energy in India via Policy Support, Capacity Building, Pilot Projects, Innovative Financing and Industrial Partnerships.

Of course, the detail of this Partnership to Advance Clean Energy (PACE) is available on internet and even the most silly African head of state can find it just at a computer button click.

So you just study the whole PACE which the African American Barack Obama implemented for India, you adapt it to your African environment and you put it on Donald Trump’s table and propose that he should sign with the African continent at the African Union a PACE for Africa because his predecessor the African American did so but for India and forgot to do the same for his home town.

Is not this a more mature and intelligent answer to “shithole countries” springing from Trump’s mouth?

The reality is that we have here in Africa not only “shithole countries” but also “shithole foolish heads of states” who cannot make a single research, cannot read a book, know nothing about strategy and systems, are drowned in tribalism and are completely childish and silly.

Yes Trump has finally sent a small letter to express how he highly respects Africans. And so what?

Is this small letter a Partnership to Advance Clean Energy? It is not at all a Partnership to Advance Clean Energy.

Actually you cannot really respect silly people who instead of putting serious proposals of strategic partnership upon thy table, spend time sending diplomats to you begging you to respect them.

As you can easily imagine, Donald Trump is secretly laughing at those childish guys in his room just after sending them a word to flatter their gigantic childish ego.

Did you say flesh without spirit?

This is my advice to Mr. Donald Trump. The next time African heads of states beg you to write apologies to them, tell them this:

“please go and dance in thy African shithole countries with thy fellow who spent eight years here in the White House without concluding any serious development partnership with you. After all, I am European American and not African American”.

Such an answer may seriously help Africans, especially the Blacks, to rediscover again what is a civilization.

Yes in my Bible, GOD says African is a Black even concerning the Black lady whom Solomon married as revealed in the Song of Solomon.

These Blacks built a brilliant civilization in Egypt, then went back to Nimrod’s cursed ambition to crown Satan king over the earth and harvested from this, serious judgments proclaimed by GOD in the Books of Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel.

You just have to see three snakes on pharaoh’s forehead to understand that the guy’s ambition was to put the whole world under the number 666.

The solution to the judgments proclaimed by GOD against Mizraïm, Cush and Phus?

Refer to audio programs entitled “Black Africa’s Destiny” and which are available for free on internet. You can also download for free the book “Black Africa’s Destiny” and get the solution therein and then share the Good News with one billion Africans.

Isaiah chapter 19 verse 13

 The princes of Zoan are become fools, the princes of Noph are deceived; they have also seduced Egypt, even they that are the stay of the tribes thereof.

Shalom to all the nations of the earth

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