World Wide Revival

Post on 06/12/2016

For several thousand years (the dispensation of nations that had been allocated by GOD who is the only Governor of Times and Circumstances), heathen nations over the earth have been regularly and vainly working very hard to bring into existence the establishment of Lucifer as leader over the earth.

The end of this vain dream of dark new world order is at hand because now is the third day for the CHURCH that is the day of CHURCH Global Resurrection. A New Breed, the Chosen Sons and daughters of GOD, chosen by JESUS CHRIST before the foundation of the world, is slowly emerging from the grave where it has been sleeping for two prophetic days. This New Race dwells apart, is not reckoned among the rebellious nations of the earth and comes from above while all the other nations of the earth come from below.

This New Race is now emerging in this third millenary that starts in 2030 (the CHURCH was born in the year 30) in accordance with all Biblical Prophecies and will rule this very earth for forty prophetic days and give the entire creation the revelation of the Sons of GOD .

This New Race is established by God Absolute master over Lucifer (Luke 10 verse 19).

This New Breed says that Lucifer, the dragon, the ancient serpent who is the devil and Satan has neither wisdom nor knowledge and has neither power in heaven nor power on earth (Colossians 2 verses 2-3 and Matthew 28 verse 18 ).

This New Race says that Satan has no right to kingdom here on earth (Jeremiah 10 verse 7).

This New Breed says that Satan has no money or gold (Haggai 2 verse 8)

This New Race treads with impunity over all the power of Satan (Luke 10 verse 19)

This New Breed has power to give life and the power to give death over all the earth (2 Corinthians 2 verses 15-16). Yes power to give life and power to give death all over the earth.

This New Race is set over all the countries of the earth in order to root out, pull down and destroy any country or rebellious nation that confronts it (Jeremiah 1 verse 10).

This New Breed is the only true descendants of Abraham for the promises made to Abraham by GOD are fulfilled only in Jesus Christ ( check thy Bible)

This New race completely pull down the four global satanic empires that have been claiming to rule the world for thousands of years since Nebucadnedzar and occupies the entire earth as promised by God to Abraham (Read the Book of Daniel).

Illuminati foolish dreams of new world order from darkness are over now.

To understand all this, download the following free audios videos on youtube


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Shalom to all the earth.

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